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Win Cash

Win Cash

Like more or less anyone else in this world, you no doubt like to win cash, right?

If that is the case, then finding a competition that is worth entering is the sensible thing to do. And in our view, you can find few better ways to win cash in the sum of five to six figures than by joining If you sign up at our website, you can take part in a cash winning competition that allows you to take home as much as £100,000 plus – all it takes is one correct guess on an image.

At, we show you an image that is going to be a football or sporting match. In that match, there should be a ball within the image. For our competition, though, we remove the ball from the image and instead leave it blank. Your job is to take a look at the image, determine where the ball should be present, and then submit your bid. If you have ever played a classic spot the ball game, this should give you every opportunity that you need to play along and have some fun along the way.

The whole idea of our game is to help you win cash, or a car if you would prefer. Every prize comes with a cash listing as well as a car selection, and a set price for the raffle ticket. Your job is basically to just go through the whole experience and work out everything in the image as is required. Pick the prize, pick your posiotin on the image, and submit it to the team.

Once the countdown timer hits zero, our team of judges will make their final call on the winner. Then, if your pick lines up with their choice, you’ll be able to win cash.

How much cash can I win at

With all of our prizes, you will be able to see exactly what the cash equivalent value is. It is your job then to determine if you want to win a car, or if you would like to win cash. As the winner, you get to choose what option you would like to take. All that you need to do if you wish to win, then, is to place a bid on the vehicle that you want to own. Or, for the cash sum that you want to try and earn.

You then need to pay a fee to cover the cost of your raffle ticket. The cost of your ticket will start at just 95p, but it will increase in size and in scope as you move up the prizes. Keep that in mind, then, and make your choice based on what prize you would most like to win.

Take the challenge today, then, and sign up at with the chance to go and win cash without any issue. We make it easy for you to have some fun, to relax, and to enjoy yourself. Take part today, then, and see for yourself what kind of experience you could have with the help of!

How much cash do you want to win?

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