Win Cash Competitions

Win Cash Competitions

Win Cash Competitions

Are you someone who likes to enter and win cash competitions? Then you might find a formidable ally at Our new spot the ball competition asks for you to do one thing – take a look at an image of a sports match and spot the missing ball. It really is this easy to go ahead and win big with our platform. To win cash competitions that pay in the five-to-six figure range, you often need to do a lot of work. Instead, we make it nice and easy for you. Buy a raffle ticket for the prize you wish to win, and pick the spot on the image where you think should be present.

Pick the same spot as our judges panel, and you can look forward to walking home with a massive cash prize in your back pocket. Of course, you could also decide to win a flash car. We have car and cash prizes, so you can get something that feels perfectly fitted to what you would like to win. That’s why our competition is so enticing – it takes just a few simple minutes to enter.

To get started with the chance to win cash competitions like ours, simply visit Once there, visit the Play Now section and check out our awesome range of prizes available. Once you do that, you can take a quick look at everything – including the cash equivalent prize if you would rather take the money than the wheels.

Then, you simply need to buy a raffle ticket at the asked for price (tickets start at only 95p). Once you do that, you include your submission into our lot of offers. Then, once the timer hits zero, our judges will release their decision on where they think the ball should be present.

How do I win cash competitions like

To win this particular competition, you need to invest some time into selecting a spot on the image. This is the biggest challenge that you can face when it comes to playing our competition – it really is this easy and simple. All that you need to do is take a quick and simple look at the prizes for grabs and submit your bid. With just one correct guess, you can become the winner of our competition.

It really is this simple for you to get your hands on a minimum five figure cash competition prize winning. That’s why you should take a look today and see what we can do for you in terms of offering you something a little bit more daring and enjoyable. Instead of being stuck with the same prize as everyone else, you get to pick what you win.

To win cash competitions that make it easy for you to enter and to play, then, come along and check out what we have in stock for you at With one bid, you can make yourself the proud owner of a fantastic new car!

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