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Win Competitions

Win Competitions

Like anyone else, you probably like to win competitions, right? If that is the case, then you should enter in at This is a new spot the ball competition that gives you the power to go and win on your own terms. No longer are you entering a raffle that is based on pure numbers luck; this is all about skill and judgement. You will be shown a single image of a football match; your job is to pick the part on the image where the ball should be present.

If you pick the right spot then you can look forward to being able to win competitions and pick up a special prize at the same time. And best of all? With our competition, you get to pick a prize. We give you a huge list of car and cash prizes to choose from, with a corresponding price on the raffle ticket. Buy your ticket for the price asked for, and you can enter into our prize draw. To win competitions like this, all that you need to do is put in a guess on where the ball should be.

The balls presence and visibility has been removed entirely from the image. It is your job, then, to look at the image and correctly determine where on the image it should have been present. Get this guess right and you can look forward to winning a brand new car or cash sum that you have chosen. It really is this easy to take part at our competition.

Sign up today and get your bid in at before the countdown timer hits zero. Because once that timer hits zero, our staff are going to make a judgement call on where they think the ball should be. Your job is to line-up your call with the judges selection.

Do you like to win competitions? Then take part at today!

The real satisfaction that comes from our prize competition, though, is the choice of prizes. You pick from a whole range of cars ranging from the sensible to the superb, giving you the chance to win something big. If you don’t drive or you don’t want a new car, though, you can take the money instead. Think about what you could do with an extra five to six figures in your bank account – it could be life-changing!

That’s we have made sure that you can win competitions without having to break your back or your brain trying to find the solution. Simply visit, hit Play Now, choose your prize, buy your ticket(s), and then submit your bid(s) for where you think the missing ball should be.

With one right call you could become the owner of a new car or something else that you would love to own. So, give yourself the chance to win something genuinely life-changing with the help of Sign up today and see what kind of wins you could pull off with one single correct guess!

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