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Are you someone who likes to win tickets? Are you someone who has a love of competitive games and skill-based games with big prizes waiting at the end? Then sign up for!

Our classic spot the ball competition takes its origin from classic games of old. We pair up with a range of prizes, including dream cars and cash prize alternatives, to give you a real incentive to play. Take part at and pick the same spot as our expert judges panel, and you could away with a car that is the dream motor for you. Otherwise, you could win a hefty cash prize and walk away happier than ever at your change in financial fortunes!

If you are a fan of games that force you to think and to use your initiative, then you will love The aim is simple – you will be shown a photo of a sporting game, and there should be a ball present. However, we have edited the image to remove the ball so that you can only see the interactions between those in the image. Your job, then, is to look at the photo, study it, and determine where you think the ball should be present.

Place your bid on via the Play Now button and choose your reward if you are correct. For just 95p, you can win tickets to pick up a pretty special car of your choosing. You get to pick the vehicle or a cash prize. So long as you pick the same spot as our expert judges panel, you should be able to win the keys to your dream car.

If someone else picks the same spot, you’ll both be entered into a second round where the winner is chosen based on your second picture selection.

Win tickets to get your dream car with

If you want to get your hands on a new car, the cost can be pretty prohibitive. It might put you off going to buy a new car because it can be such a large expense. With that in mind, you might wish to try and win tickets to get your dream car in-place as soon as is possible.

Instead of having to save up and buy it, though, a quick session with could lead to you picking up that dream car for just 95p. Pick your prize, buy a ticket, and put down a guess on where you think the ball should be in the image that you are shown.

When the countdown on-site ends, our expert judges will make a decision on where they believe the ball should be within the image. If you pick the same spot of the image as our judges, then you have the chance to win. This could see you pick up that dream car, or a large cash alternative, giving you a great incentive to give this a try.

Win tickets, have fun, and see for yourself why is such a fun way to pick-up a special prize!

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