Win Your Dream Car

Win Your Dream Car

Win Your Dream Car

Like many people, you no doubt dream of being able to win your dream car. If that is the case, then you might wish to get involved at Unlike other raffle games, we give you complete and total control over your chance to win a new car. You pick the car, you pick the spot on the image where you want to ‘spot the ball’, and then you submit your offer to us. If you happen to pair up with the location that our judges choose, then you can look forward to winning a juicy new car!

That’s right – you could win a brand new car with one simple submission. All you need to do is come and visit our main page at and then click the Play Now button. On here, you will be given the chance to pick a particular spot on a football or sporting match. The ball has been removed by us, so you just need to pick the spot on the image where you think the ball would normally be present. Get that right, and if your pick lines up with the judges panel then you could look forward to having the chance to win your dream car.

At, you also can pick from a cash prize instead if you would not like to win a car. This gives you the chance to change your life either with a dream set of wheels or a life-changing sum of money that could make your future feel that little bit brighter. So, why not invest in a raffle ticket and join up with

Who knows? For one simple suggestion and placement on the right part of the image, and you could walk away as the owner of your own dream motor!

Win your dream car with today

To take part, you just need to buy a raffle ticket. Each ticket comes with a price attached given the prize. You will pay more for a larger prize, as you might imagine. So, pick a prize and choose from standard road cars to something a bit more flash and powerful. We leave the decision in your hands, so take a look at our prize collection and pick out the car that you would most like to say that you own.

Then, take a single look at the image of the spot the ball picture that is shown and make a judgement call. The ball is removed; your job is to guess where the ball would be if the image was still normalised. If your guess happens to line up with the choice and the selection of our team, then you could win the competition.

Take a look on-site and you will see a counter on the home page. Once the counter hits zero, then the prize draw is made and a winner will be declared. Sing up today, and with one right guess you could win your dream car: does that not sound worth signing up for?

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